Last Will & Testament

If needed, Craig will come to your home or office to conduct interviews, collect documents, and meet with you or other beneficiaries.

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Services for Executors and Administrators

You have been appointed as an executor or personal administrator for an estate. You’re confused, overwhelmed … there is so much information to understand.

And, you may have many family members or other stakeholders to the estate demanding action and asking questions, wanting answers, that frankly, you just plain do not know or even how to answer. You need a trusted advisor with experience to help you navigate successfully through this unique journey.

Following are the services provided for Executors and Administrators

Phone Consultation:
Up to 10-12 minutes for simple questions without reviewing documents or evaluating other factors. (no charge)

Personal Meeting:
Up to a one-hour session to offer guidance, for a flat fee.

Customized Guidance:
Over the shoulder help on as as-needed basis with a minimum of 3 hours.

Turn-Key Assistance:
Beginning-to-end service billed at the Commissioner-approved rates. Advance deposit is required and billing time slips are included. (accounting of work performed)

Legal Research:
If novel legal questions are presented that must be researched for applicable law. (Quoted in advance of the work.)

Mediation of Disputes:
Available if problems develop between beneficiaries that might be resolved through structured mediation and negotiation. Performed at rates according to the complexity and likely duration of the mediation session. (Parties involved share the cost equally).

Have a Question About Being an Administrator?

Call Craig! There is no charge for a 10-12 minute phone conversation to answer your simple questions (without reviewing documents or evaluating other possible factors). You don’t have to be alone, stressed or overwhelmed.

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